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Shop WITH Bags Carrier

At Shop WITH Bags, we are committed to helping people make those small changes that add up to protecting our environment in a big way.

Shopping with reusable bags is a new behavior for many of us. We’ve all had that annoying “Oops!” moment when we walk into the grocery store and realize we left our reusable bags in the car, or had to dig down to the bottom of the grocery cart to get them at checkout. Shop WITH Bags was developed with you in mind.

The Shop WITH Bags Carrier holds up to 12 reusable bags and attaches to the cart at grocery stores, Target, Walmart, etc for easy access
at the check out.

TRe-Useable Shopping Bagshe Shop WITH Bags System is a step-by-step process to help your brain actually begin to change a long-held behavior (shopping with store-provided bags) into a new habit—shopping with your own bags.

You can purchase Shop WITH Bags reusable bags that also serve to remind you with the logo “Shop WITH Bags.”

All our products are available to order at the Shop WITH Bags Store.




“Shop WITH Bags was born of my own frustration at forgetting to take my reusable bags with me when I went to the store.  Making the change from using store bags to bringing our own isn’t easy—we’ve been shopping this way for decades! My Shop WITH Bags system provides all the tools and directions to help you develop this new habit.”

- Carol Lambert, founder of Shop WITH Bags